subaru Xenon Hid

High Intensity Discharge or HID is a lighting technology that produces more light than ordinary bulbs. HID light is emitted from an arc between two electrodes in a gas-filled tube which causes a metallic vapor to produce energy. The arc generate extremely high temperatures. HID bulbs illuminate more light than standard halogen bulb, they consume less power and last longer than halogen bulbs. The main types of HID lamps refer to the elements that are added to the gas. These are mercury vapor, metal halide, and sodium. High Intensity Discharge lighting system is a revolutionary technology that produces brilliant white light by igniting an electrical arc between two tungsten electrodes. HID bulbs are filled with salts, such as mercury vapor, sodium, and metal halide, and xenon gas. Xenon bulbs have no filament. HID lights produce more light than ordinary tungsten or halogen lamps. They consume less power than incandescent bulbs. The color of the bulb is determined by the temperature. The low bulb's temperature (4300-4800K) emits the white and bright light. As the temperature increases, the color changes as well. This spectrum of illumination is depicted in the Kelvin Color Temperature Chart (6000k- light blue color, 8000k- a deeper blue, 10000k purple, 12000k - violet purple). As HID kits come in a variety of colors, you can change and freshen your vehicle's appearance in minutes. The easy installation process requires no cutting or drilling.

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