H11 hid kit


Xenon lights can improve the visibility on the road, particularly during night driving. It is known that most accidents happen due to poor light conditions, xenon lights can help you to get over this problem. The light is created by an electrical discharge between two electrodes in an air tight tiny quartz capsule filled with mercury, xenon gas, and metal halide salts. The most popular in the market is 6000K (diamond white) and 8000K (iceberg blue) bulbs. The HID H11 produces 3,500 Lumen. The H11 bulbs work for about 8,000 hours. The color temperature varies from 3000K to 12000K. Xenon H11 bulbs need the Plug-and-Play installation. They are easy to convert, fitting your headlight housing perfectly. The increased light output from a 35 watt Xenon lamp is about 80% lighter than a 55 watt halogen bulb. So do not waste time and think over the proper lighting for your vehicle.

Xenon bulbs fit all vehicles with reflector or projector headlights. They can be installed on motorcycles, cars, buses, SUVs or trucks directly. All H11 bulbs are waterproof, dust proof and vibration resistant. Open circuit protection, short circuit protection, over voltage and less voltage protection, bulb abnormality protection and anti-jamming make the H11 bulb safer than incandescent bulbs. They can be applied to very adverse conditions.