When it comes to high output, low power draw, and awesome modern looks, Ferrari 360 LED Lights are where it's at. LED technology projects a pure, bright beam that is both highly visible and much quicker to engage compared to incandescent bulbs. Plus, LED Auto Lights last an incredibly long time and demand very little power from your electrical system. Upgrade your looks and safety with LED Lights for Ferrari 360, and maximize your savings.

In rear lamps, applications with red and yellow LEDs already are state of the art in lighting technology. In Ferrari 360 LED headlights, especially white LEDs are necessary that for main functions must provide a better light performance. All light functions of a serial headlights can be realized in LED technology, these are low and high beam, daytime running light, turn indicator and position light.
LED technology offers new opportunities for the future concerning styling of your Ferrari 360, technology and energy consumption.

Ferrari 360 LEDs especially stand out for the following characteristics:

  • the light temperature of the LEDs nearly achieve daylight quality
  • an extremely high lifetime lasting more than a whole vehicle life
  • a significantly lower energy consumption
  • more effective opportunities for the use of installation space in headlights
  • unique freedom and variety in styling for the development of brand characteristic styling elements within headlights.

When powered on, LED lights brighten up fully and instantly. LED lights can be switched off and on regularly and without affecting the LED’s lifetime or light emission. On the contrary, traditional lights may take several seconds to reach their full brightness, and frequent on and off switching does radically decrease operational life expectancy.

LED technology within the external vehicle lighting is still in its infancy. Future fields of activity are to be found especially in the implementation of adaptive light systems and in the further optimization of energy consumption.

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